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Beta Motorcycles

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Beta Xtrainer and Trials models

Beta EVO Sport Kit


Beta EVO Sport Kit, turn your EVO into a longer range trail motorcycle. Bijjer tank and seat.


Sherco Offroad

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TM 4stroke MX

WE sell and service Beta, Tm Sherco and GasGas dirt bikes.



It all started in 1976 by two friends who had two great passions in common: motorcycles and racing.
Thanks to the excellent quality and high performance of its motorcycles, in just a few years this small Pesaro company has become a great reality. The TM pioneers, Claudio Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli (or "Mr. Motore" and "Mr. Telaio") are two peers childhood friends who have lived most of their lives in direct contact with the motor world.

In 1977 the two friends left their respective businesses and started their Motorcycling House which was registered under the name of TM (from the initials of the names of the sons of Flenghi and Battistelli, Thomas and Mirko).
Also in 1977 a motorcycle was entrusted to Gastone Serafini, a young driver from Pesaro, who will decisively help Battistelli in the development of the bike and obtain high-level sports results.

At the Milan motosalone in 1977 the TM will have an unexpected success that will push it to move its headquarters from the small Flenghi workshop to a new and more equipped factory located in the industrial area of ​​Pesaro. And it is precisely in that period that the Serafini family will become part of the property, in doing so it will arrive in 1978 to produce 200 motocross bikes.

In 1979, TM expanded its racing team, adding Tommaso Lolli to Gastone Serafini, the bike continues to grow and the first TM enduros are born this year. In 1982 Batistelli decides to leave the TM and his place is taken over by Gastone Serafini who, having reached the end of his professional pilot activity, decides to work alongside Flenghi in running the company.

In the following years many drivers have followed the TM motorcycle driving obtaining excellent results both nationally and internationally, excellent results also come from the Kart sector where the TM with its engines becomes leader in a short time. The philosophy that has always distinguished TM, is certainly the choice of materials, they must always be of excellent quality, and the processes, defined by some even "manic", not to mention the great performance of the engines that equip the standard bikes, in many cases clearly above the official engines of the most famous competition.

This justifies the prices of these technical jewels that appeal to a market niche formed by very demanding customers. In fact, they can buy a standard product with which to compete in high-level competitions.

All the rest is recent history.

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